Short pulse laser

Short pulse lasers are femtosecond or picosecond pulse width lasers.
They are used in various industries to perform ultra-fine, high-quality processing. Optopia offers high repetition type fiber laser based femtosecond lasers that are advantageous for high takt time.
Short pulse laser


The FL series is a femtosecond laser that has two types of models, a normal type and a high energy with increased pulse energy.
Designed with a fiber laser base, the FL series is a compact and highly reliable laser that is maintenance-free and emits a laser with a pulse width of 300 fs from its air-cooled housing.
Femtosecond laser FL series specifications
Model name FL-300 FL-300 plus
Wavelength 1035nm
Laser power 1W - 2W
Pulse energy 40nJ - 70nJ 2μJ
Repetition frequency 30MHz 1 - 30MHz
Pulse width <300fs