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Line beam optical systems

The line beam laser optical system makes 750mm length and 50 μm width UV line beam using a cylinder lens imaging optical system with UV laser. These are used in the manufacturing process of OLED and TFT flat panel.
Line Beam optical systems

Line Beam optical systems constitution

The line beam laser optics system consists of a UV solid state laser and line beam optics module. The lasers emitted from the multiple lasers are combined, and are irradiated onto the homogenizer lens array via the collimation optical system. After passing through these optical systems, it is finally condensed by the cylinder imaging optical system to irradiate the substrate with the light of the line beam profile. The maximum length of the line beam irradiated on the substrate is 750 mm length and 50 μm width.

Line beam laser system configuration

he laser is a solid-state laser TruMicro 8340 (wavelength: 343 nm, energy: 40 mJ) manufactured by Germany's TRUMPF, and the laser light is combined by an optical system for combining and guided to a line beam optical module. This multiplexing optics concept allows for excellent pulse stability and uniformity (within σ 0,5%) and convenient and reliable installation of lasers and optics.

Line beam laser profile

The line beam formed by the UV solid-state laser has a top hat profile in both the major axis direction and the minor axis direction, and is a very long and precise beam profile with a line length of 750mm and a line width of 50μm. The ability is proved by the beam profiler. The graph on the left is the beam profile data in the short axis direction formed by VOLCANO®.
VOLCANO® Line beam laser system
VOLCANO® Line Beam systems can be designed with different line lengths up to 750mm. The use of solid state lasers emitting UV light at 343nm reduces the operating costs and increases the uptime of production tools remarkably, compared to ELA systems using excimer lasers.
The LB systems are based on a rigid aluminum housing structure and the FALCON XXL projection lens gives a working distance of >200mm. A stable and solid system structure is needed to support the line beam optics. Line Beam Optics includes a MBC (Manual Beam Control) camera system which allows to control and adjust position and angle of all laser emitted beams. The FALCON XXL design contains a window which seals the optics from the process chamber and protects against contaminations from the process.
The energy density of 300mJ/cm2 is obtained by using 4 TruMicro 8340 (40mJ specification) with 750mm x 50µm FLATTOP line beam.
VOLCANO® VOLCANO® Line beam laser system specifications
Model name VOLCANO® 100UV-2-8320 SLA VOLCANO® 380UV-2-8340 SLA VOLCANO® LB 750UV-4-8340 SLA
Wavelength 343nm
Beam length 100mm (Top hat) 300mm (Top hat) 750mm (Top hat)
Beam width 50μm (FLATTOP)
Energy density >500mJ/cm2 >300mJ/cm2 >300mJ/cm2
Beam uniformity <1%(2σ)long axis
Laser TruMicro 8320 x2 TruMicro 8340 x2 TruMicro 8340 x4
pulse width 15-20ns FWHM