CO2 laser has high pulse energy and it's used in various industrial markets including marking.
Optopia handles CO2 lasers that are relatively small and easy to use, mainly used in laboratories and development markets.

InfraLight series

The InfraLight series is a compact high energy type and short pulse type CO2 laser.
The semi-closed operation achieves a long life of the mixed gas, and the repetition rate is 300 Hz for the InfraLight 100.
The laser is easy to handle with PC control including output stabilization. The SP model is a TEA CO2 laser that emits high energy of 700 mJ with a pulse width of 100 ns or less.
InfraLight series specification
Model name InfraLight 100 InfraLight 200 InfraLight - SP10 InfraLight - SP100
Wavelength 10.6μm 9.2μm - 10.8μm
Laser power 15W 30W 7W 60W
Pulse energy 50mJ 3J 700mJ
Repetition frequency 1Hz - 300Hz 1Hz - 50Hz 1Hz - 10Hz 1Hz - 100Hz
Pulse width 3μs 50~100ns